Mark is a winner of Canada’s National Newspaper Award and a double recipient of the Mark Harrison Prize for excellence in journalism. On this page you’ll find links to some of his writing, and also to some interviews with him.

The Walrus

A 2022 piece on Duncan Campbell Scott, Stephen Leacock, and the difficulties of reading and teaching literary work by people whose ideas or actions are now considered unacceptable:

The Walrus also published Mark’s 2021 article about the Field Notes nonfiction series of Biblioasis Press:

A long-form feature on language issues in Canada, published in the June 2018 issue of The Walrus as the O’Hagan Annual Essay in Public Affairs: 

Mark’s heartfelt obituary for Leonard Cohen:

For his wry and surprising look at Jack Kerouac as a French-Canadian writer manqué:

Mark’s article about the extraordinary manuscripts and ancient books in the library of Notre Dame College, located in the minuscule town of Wilcox, Saskatchewan:”>

Interviews with Mark

A question-and-answer session, published by the Quebec Writers’ Federation in May 2023: 

CTV Montreal’s Mutsumi Takahashi interviewed me in February 2023 about Strange Bewildering Time:

An online interview with Victoria Harris from February 2023, also to mark the publication of Strange Bewildering Time:

The MP3 link below, also from February 2023, contains my fifteen-minute interview with Giles Brown on Talk Radio Europe in Marbella, Spain, about Strange Bewildering Time. The clip begins at about 19:50. Giles Brown mispronounces my name, but he asks some lively questions.

On March 24, 2019 — the day on which Harry Abley would have turned 102 — “The Sunday Edition,” one of CBC Radio’s flagship programs, aired Mark’s chat with Michael Enright.

A conversation with CBC Radio’s Nantali Indongo, following the publication of The Organist and featuring Mark’s four choices of music:

A feature interview, conducted in 2015 by poet and editor Carmine Starnino, concentrating on Mark’s work as a poet:

A 2014 interview with CBC Radio’s inimitable Shelagh Rogers, focusing on Mark’s creative nonfiction book Conversations with a Dead Man: The Legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott:

An hour-long conversation with Nigel Beale, host of the podcast “The Biblio File,” can be found here: — It too concentrates on Conversations with a Dead Man.

A 2013 interview with Mark, in which he talks to The Malahat Review about creative non-fiction, literary contests, and his favourite childhood book:

Other Writing

For many years Mark wrote a column about words and language in the Montreal Gazette. To read a few of his columns and other writings, go to:

In the Times Literary Supplement, Mark reviewed a new book by Michael Engelhard entitled Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon:

An essay for The Globe and Mail about depression and the arts:

To read Mark’s take on Quebec City as written for a largely British audience:

His feature article about the death of Marie Smith Jones, the last native speaker of the Eyak language, also appeared in The Guardian.